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Many of our partners want to put the concept of “sustainability” at the top of their relationship with school and youth audiences: from the indications of the 2030 Agenda to the valorization of their ESG parameters.
CivicaMente has been studying the environmental, social and governance perimeter, to help the organizations with which we collaborate to generate actions with an effective, and mostly positive, impact on society.

The climate emergency has transformed the way of communicating all environmental issues, bringing many aspects that were once distant to converge under a single perspective. This has meant deepening multidisciplinary approaches, which associate the original environmental issues with several interesting scientific and technological insights, which, for example, engaged the largest companies in the energy sector with which we collaborate.

The various projects carried out in the field of safety and health, such as the educational actions promoted as part of an early financial education, have taught us how to design initiatives that can leave their mark, training experiences that give rise to a desire for citizenship and enthusiasm for participation.

Creating a better tomorrow through education is CivicaMente’s deepest mission, and this progress can only be thanks to a generative ingredient: innovation. It is about an innovative competence and an innovative will at 360°: from methodologies to tools, from approaches to languages, from contexts to contents.