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Financial education has become a real core skill. Its importance within that perimeter that is often defined as “civic education” has become increasingly important: therefore, we developed projects aimed at very young children, starting from primary school.

Thanks to the work carried out side by side with finance professionals and complex banking structures, we understood and helped transfer the “future-saving” value of a correct planning of individual finances to the younger generations with innovative methods: doing financial literacy activities means educating young people to a more articulated perspective view of their life, which brings with it relevant aspects of empowerment, that also reflect on the ability to live positively with others and respecting legality.

Precisely from this kind of awareness, we were also able to tackle the issue of youth self-entrepreneurship with educational, but also vocational projects, involving classes and teachers in gamification experiences and interactive simulations.

Over time and based on the experience provided to us by various projects, we could develop for some clients, belonging to the so-called digital finance, initiatives that open innovative opportunities for knowledge of the financial world, both for students and teachers. We addressed the new intangible payment scenarios, digital payments, e-commerce, but also the electronic security issues that online cash flows entail.