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If you want to valorize the knowledge of your company or institution,
if you search for innovative solutions to place the ethics and values of your organization
in large and qualified educational environments,
made up of thousands of teachers and millions of students,
in both the Italian and international context,
CivicaMente can be the right partner of your next challenges.

Get in touch to find out more Contattaci per condividere soluzioni personalizzate in base alle tue esigenze.

Who are our partners?

Every year we develop dozens of customized projects based on the needs of medium-large companies, state institutions, major non-profit associations, committed to social issues, environmental protection and sustainability.

We love to interact with institutional communication departments, CSR managers, and social marketing divisions of the organizations that contact us, to develop together medium and long-term solutions, always customized, to bring their most significant values to direct contact with the new generations, also thanks to the teachers and the school.

Recent partnerships