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For those involved in educational projects in the school environment, the need to speak to the new generations about legality, starting even from the earliest ages, is certainly central: it is a vital portion of civic growth for each person who takes the first steps within a community.

Legality and safety are connected by a common thread which, also thanks to the collaborations with important partners with whom we collaborate, we have been able to develop in all its different branches: from safety on the roads, to safety on the internet, from attention to daily behaviors, to a perspective view through social security and insurance awareness.

This 360° content competence has attracted the attention of the most diverse customers, who in fact come from the institutional world, but also from the most recent scenario linked to social media and communication; with them we have had the opportunity to build interactive courses, school contests, and in-depth live events.

As in the field of health, CivicaMente was chosen by a pool of exceptional partners and by the Italian Ministry of Education to create a network dedicated to road safety, which brings together dozens of thematic projects, including non-digital ones, every year.