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The interactive tool intended for children
(5-7 years of age) where illustration meets multimedia, with clickable scenes
and characters to identify with.


A complete interactive didactic support,
for a lesson with students aged 8 to 12,
with animated and interactive slides, games
and verification tests inspired by the proprietary OPEN MIND® methodology.


The media suited for teens aging from 13 to 18 years old that takes its name from the original methodology that CivicaMente has developed inspired by the CSSC Learning, and which
has been validated for its teaching effectiveness by the University of Milan.


A format that can also be easily adapted
to adult targets, which alternates specialist disciplinary study with the interactive experience of attention and learning quizzes.


One of our latest achievements in terms
of educational formats: an interactive multimedia based on the methodology of media education, which allows the use of the cognitive and perceptive processes that different media stimulate for learning purposes.


A visual and interactive scientific in-depth format, characterized by quiz, graphic
and infographic inspiration,
and a brainstorm digital trigger.


Our interactive MindMap is the digital and interactive version of the traditional conceptual maps. Exploring the interactive MindMap, teachers and students can visualize
key concepts and interact with contents through clickable spots and items.


Play is the brain’s favorite way of learning:
our tools engage students with fun and a positive approach. Quizzes, problem-solving, memory training and digital riddles stimulate the class to get involved, collaborate,
and develop critical thinking.

The tools are always embedded within a much more articulated service,
where our partner customers can count on a follow-up in successive phases,
which always proves capable of creating a long-term relationship,
with very satisfactory results.

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