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Education projects for active citizenship are among our first experiences, gained several decades ago starting from initiatives in support of security and legality, alongside state institutions and the police forces: the great theme of road education and safety, and the prevention of pathological addictions certainly marked a starting point for our research in this area.

Subsequently we supported large associations, but also important companies and foundations, in conveying values linked in various ways to inclusion, for example protecting gender diversity and equal opportunities.

In the field of citizenship education then, we can boast a long-term collaboration with the Department of European Policies of the Italian Council of Ministers, which led us to expertly deepen all the characteristics and values of European citizenship, bringing them among millions of Italian students with interactive tools, inter-school contests, and live events with the direct participation of ministers and senior officials.

Within this context there is also the constant commitment to Erasmus+ projects, with their aim to promote the exchange of experiences and good practices between students from different European countries.

Other thematic specializations then touched on bullying, but also education towards more informed ways of consumption, in the protection of patents, copyright and intellectual property, always at the service of ministries and associations at national level.